Most officers welcome the opportunity for training on their own time and expenses. A New Richmond Police Officer spent four days in Las Vegas attending a rifle firearms course where he was trained in using the AR15. The New Richmond Police Department is managed by the Chief of Police.  It is a small department made up of full time, part- time and auxiliary officers (officers whom work at a "no pay" status), and one volunteer Chaplain. Each employee is valued and there are many tasks performed daily for which officers go without recognition; yet they are vital to the daily operation of the department.  As the Chief I try never to let good performance by any officer go unnoticed.  I frequently find myself saying "good job" or "thanks for your help" several times a week. New Richmond Police Department  New Richmond Police Department is pleased to announce the hiring of two full time police officers. After passing rigorous testing, Officer Karl and Officer Kidder were promoted. The additional staffing was absolutely necessary to have 24 hour coverage. I thank Mayor Carr and Village Council for appropriating the funds needed to better serve our residents.