Letter from Chief Harvey:  It is hard to believe that I have been the Chief of Police for three years already.  The time has certainly gone by fast.  In the past three years we have seen many changes within the police department.   Cosmetically, we had a change in uniform appearance, markings on our patrol vehicles, and a much needed station makeover.  The Mayor and council graciously provided us the former utility office space.  Utilizing village workers to save cost, this added addition provided us with larger evidence room, an investigators office, an interview room and a secure area for the public and those arrested to be greeted.   New Richmond is one of the largest villages as it relates to land area in the State of Ohio.  Not only that, even in the worst economy we have been blessed with new housing and residents.  Last year twenty-five new homes were built in the village.  I consider this to be a very active town.  Last year my officers answered 5,054 calls for service and took 608 criminal offense reports.  Currently we run one officer per eight hour shift, with an occasional split during higher peak activity hours.  Through a staffing analysis conducted in 2010, we should be running two cars per shift.  However, in 2011 as proposed, great attention was given to report follow up.  We promoted an officer to investigator who was directed to investigate offenses and oversee reports being worked by other officers.  I believe this is the reason; and I am pleased to report that in 2011 our crime index decreased slightly in all areas reported and there was an increase in felony arrest.  In 2011, we experienced an increase in juvenile delinquency, mostly in the form of criminal damaging and assaults. We will look to address this issue in 2012. Sincerely, Randy Harvey Chief of Police CHIEF RANDY HARVEY New Richmond Police Department